Alt 505

IT and communications services

Computer maintenance, computer support, tecnichal assistance, software maintenance, remote support.

IT security, data recovery, data backup, virus removal, perimeter security, safety audit.

Communications, router, VPN, wifi, network maintenance, PBX, VoIP.

Web page design, online shop, hosting, domain registration.

IT and communications consulting, IT and communications audit, project management.

Custom computer courses.


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Alt 505 develops tailored programs to meet the training needs of enterprises. For the design of training projects we base on the needs identified through direct collaboration between our experts and organization. Thus, the formation is in line with the objectives and characteristics of the company and staff profile.

Each of our customized training projects includes the following phases:

- Adjustment and needs assessment.
- Design of the program.
- Implementation of training.
- Evaluation of training.

Alt 505 offers a wide range of training courses in IT and communications, which are constantly updated and has the backing to grow to the rhythm of your business needs.

This training has a practical approach so you can put to good use in day to day, but without ignoring the theoretical part in which it is based.

Ask us about your needs and we will answer you.